I often wonder at the reasons for my fascination with moving images and storytelling. I really can't formulate any credible explanation for stumbling into directing. As a kid I wanted to be a scientist, even though all my science projects often reminded more of paint drenched wood sculptures than anything scientific. I also built a series of useless traps for catching snakes. Later on I grabbed a video camera.

I currently work as a film director.


Wooden Pencil / D&AD

LIA / Gold

Cannes Lions: Film Craft Shortlist

Epica Awards Silver

Loerie Awards: Campaign Gold / Film

New York Festivals: Bronze / Film

Dubai Lynx: Grand Prix Film Craft

Voitto: Grand Prix, Gold, Silver, Bronze

Vuoden Huiput: Gold, Silver

Cannes Young Lions Finland: Gold & Grand Prix

Lürzer's Grand Slam, Silver, Gold


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